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Five Ways you can Go Green and Save Money
Conservation of resources is one of the roots of the green movement. Therefore, being frugal with your resources can help with many environmental causes.

Five Tips for Fun Family Fitness
Exercise can be a great family bonding activity as well as a necessity to keeping everyone healthy and happy. The dangers of living a couch-potato lifestyle are real and scary.

Family Trees - 2008 Poem Contest Winner
Cledia, the poet of the poem Family Trees, conveyed a strong message and had very powerful wording. The sensory details and imagery was astounding. Congratulations Cledia!

The Threads that Bind Us - 2008 Poem Contest Winner
Came in 1st place with a brilliant poem was Kay (fiery). Kay's poem The Threads that Bind Us was a magnificant piece of work that really excerised this contests theme and portrayed the different as...

Where I Am From - 2008 Poem Contest Winner
Phaedra who wrote the very unique poem Where I am From. We thought it was an interesting approach to describe ones self and had very appealing anecdotes to tie the whole poem together. Congratulati...

Love, Romance, and Food!
Marriage is made of many components. Love, caring, romance and food. Food? Yes, for some reason these four seem to go together. Maybe itís because the basic element of nourishment is considered a p...

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ORIGINAL: GAL BurdD this is what I just received from a member. Janice M. posted a commen ...
Violence in Relationships
i am not Kayla
Site Invitations
I am e-mailing the gentleman regularly on my personal account. I have tried what you suggested fo ...
New features added to the site
ORIGINAL: ace how do I post in the forums Go to the proper thread using the links a ...
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