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Body, Mind, and Soul
Six months ago migraines, heartburn, stomach pains, dizziness, and sleeplessness, were a part of my life. My teeth ached from grinding and jaw clenching and I was suffering from fatigue. I could ba...

Shocking Behavior
Every educator is fully aware of behavior modification. In classroom management courses we are taught that we can modify a child’s behavior by having a reward system for accepted behavior and a “ti...

Focus for Kids: Games to Improve Your Child's Concen ...
Kids have trouble concentrating. It's a fact of life. More and more children these days are being labeled ADD or ADHD, when in fact, they're just being normal kids. Drugs may lull them into comp...

Getting Married “Older”
According to the latest government statistics from the U.S. and Great Britain, the average age of first time brides and grooms is getting older. Today’s couples are choosing to marry later than cou...

Keeping Romance Alive While Raising a Family
No partnership - married or otherwise - can continue to feel like a honeymoon after children come into the picture. For one thing, we're soon burnt out. The demands of the day sap most of our energ...

Falling in Love Again With Your Spouse
It may seem like some screwball romantic comedy from the 1930’s you find on a classic movie channel. The husband and wife have a fight, separate, find out they can’t live without each other, meet a...

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my website isn't available
Is it working on your laptop or other devices for you? What error are you receiving when you use ...
Registration request to include inforation for the comme ...
The notifications and emails are definitely going out. Please check your junk/bulk email. ...
Image Uploader plugin no longer supported in Chrome
Good to hear! Thanks.
Sorting photos in gallerys
Thank you. Yes, it is now working. That is so much better for me.
I agreed to your point about working as a unit to get our goals and to solve our problems.
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