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Check a Cache: Your Kids Will Love You for It
Video game manufacturers found customers intrigued when they introduced games that required physical movement to control the movements of the game. It is a combined video experience that requires t...

The Stuff No One Wants to Hear?
I heard someone say that most people don't really want to hear about your kids - they don't want to see pictures and will only smile a painted on smile when you share stories about them.

The Fear Was Unnatural
A child hears a teacher say ticks carry lime disease and that certain people get sick if they contract the disease. Further she hears that deer sometimes die because of ticks.

Pick pocket? Lost your Pocketbook or Wallet?
Your family trip does not have to be ruined if you lose your pocketbook or wallet, leave your credit card behind, or some unsavory character pickpockets you in a crowded theme park. Whi...

Five Habits to Banish Boredom from your 9 to 5
When your mother, your father, or your Great Aunt Clara asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, odds are, you wanted to be something great. A musician. An artist. An astronaut or a rocket...

Bring the Kids Meals Out First!!!
As my family walks into the restaurant on vacation, I am hoping I chose a good place to eat. Every parent knows the drill. Is it too fancy? Will we disturb the couples? Can we actually ...

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Should Schools Allow Students to Have Cell Phones?
i think yes because if there is an accident during or after school they could call their parents ...
Stretch Marks: Prevention and Treatment During Pregnancy
Stretch marks during pregnancy? I would think that a woman has more important concerns during thi ...
Problem sending welcome e-mail
There does seem to be a problem with using Mozilla Firefox to send out the welcome messages. Inte ...
Newsletter and image uploader not working
Thank you so much! Just tried it today and both the uploader and the newsletter worked like a ch ...
It's Time To Pray With Your Church And Nations Apostle Minister James Winfree Sr, THE LORD'S K ...
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