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Military Spouses: How to Cope
In 2007 there are more families being affected by having spouses in the military than ever before. With the war in Iraq going on its fourth year, men and women in the military are leaving husbands,...

Dating After Divorce
When you’re part of a married couple you never think about the dreaded “D” word; divorce. But with one out of five marriages ending in separation or divorce, the safety we find in being a couple is...

A Backlash Against Child Friendly Places
A restaurant that my husband and I frequent has changed its main policy. There is a neatly typed sign on their door that states this change. No, they haven’t gone formal or raised their prices. You...

Teaching Teens Responsibility
Many parents bemoan the fact that their teens are irresponsible. They do not keep their room clean, they’re lackadaisical about homework, and they haven’t sent a thank you note since they learned ...

Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Ability to Read
Teaching your child to read does not have to be a challenge nor a dreaded chore. In fact, you can teach your child to recognize certain words before he or she has even managed to learn to spell or...

Premarital Counseling: It's Not Just for Couples wit ...
Spring is in the air. It's that time of year again; wedding bells are just ahead, and proposals are popping out like pollen. Yet few of these newly engaged couples will seek premarital counseling...

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Yes, I am grateful because as I said I think I missed some pictures but as members posted photos ...
ATTENTION...New Admins Sites from My Family Coming Soon ...
ORIGINAL: MarlinReds Kimberly, I'm not currently in the Photo Magic Group, can you add me to ...
Question about Files & Music
ORIGINAL: GAL Sue, I'm stubborn and hard headed so I don't give up easily. I don't explain ...
Deleting Categories? - Please help
ORIGINAL: support Hi, The following will be added as a feature: Administrators ...
Threaded Posts ??
ORIGINAL: support This is a feature that we have added to this list of requests. What ...
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