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More Like a Slightly Unhappy Gnat
Perhaps your children are immune from an affliction that has needlessly ravaged my household. Oh, it began innocently enough, a toy here, a puzzle there and perhaps the odd game or two. In the end,...

The Compulsion of Tourettes
We've all heard, read, or been in the same room with a child who displays one or more symptom of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well as those c...

Searching Frantically for Emergency Sanity
So there I was traveling across the wide open spaces in a fairly new UHaul. My daughter dripped in the seat next to me as we endured 100 degree temperatures in a vehicle with no air conditioning. ...

Why Can’t I Have It, Mommy?
One of the key phrases that a child uses against a parent is, “All of my friends are allowed to have that.” A parent has no recourse but to respond in kind with, “Well, you aren’t your friends, an...

Is Your Teen A Compulsive Spender?
Compulsive spending isn’t limited to adults. Teens can have problems managing money as well. Sometimes overspending stems from overindulgent parents who want to make sure their child has everything...

Little Girl, Know Thyself - Remembering Your Passion ...
Today’s world is one in which it is easy to lose for women to lose their passion. While for some, passion is a powerful positive, society tends to view passion as a reckless, careless force that ha...

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Hi I am Libby and a refugee from MyFamily. After losing my family site after 14 years, I had to ...
I have an Idea! Family Group Sheet
Thanks Jerri. Mel56, I will check the link you posted. Are you using this on your Genealogy s ...
Comment Box Size in News/History
ORIGINAL: burdD ORIGINAL: GAL ORIGINAL: support This helps out a great deal. Does this alwa ...
Multi-topic list
ORIGINAL: GAL ORIGINAL: support The reason that you are seeing the categories that wa ...
What To Do When Your Parents Still Love Your Ex-Husband!
I am Alicia Carter hear to give testimony of how i got back my husband, we gotmarried for more th ...
Discription Area in the Photo Gallery
It looks like you have added the description option for any new photos added but when will we be ...
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