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How to Save a Marriage or Relationship
Modern commentators on marriage have long said that without a mutual perception of equality, partners cannot negotiate the many daily demands of life. Without this perception, one partner is contin...

Where Do We Find the Energy for Early-Year Parenting?
Stepping into the role of mother or father of an infant can be one of the most exhausting jobs we’ll ever have. Our newborns’ irregular rhythms will throw our own into disarray. Contemporary wisdom...

The Challenge of Modern Parenting
Over the last few decades, our culture has become less and less clear about its messages to parents and other guardians and educators of its children. Parents often experience doubts or guilt regar...

Video Games and the Developing Child
Video games have become a dominant industry, grossing more than motion pictures over the last few years and employing as much cutting-edge technology as the U.S. National Defense. In many ways, the...

Diffusing the Heated Moments with Our Partners
Many of the problems that intimate partners face result from unspoken assumptions that both of them are holding onto. Difficulties with communication arise when our partners are saying one thing an...

An Argument against Television for Children
Studies have shown that in the past few decades, a significant number of American children spent more time in front of a television set than in a classroom. Many of them were free to watch without ...

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Any site improvements in the future???
ORIGINAL: GAL As an Administrator of our site I am totally against the following: ADD New Cate ...
Problem for adding new members
Thank you. That would be wonderful.
My Family Members that now have Family Lobby Sites
Welcome Kimberly. It worked when I first tried it. Not sure why it won't work now
Payment method for site
ORIGINAL: Malvia Director I signed up and created a Website for Family Reunion because it a ...
Notifications to members not being received.
Email notifications of posts or comments are not going to Members and haven't for several days. ...
No longer getting notifications of posts to the site.
They are so irregular. Sometimes we get them for a couple of days in a row and then it may be a w ...
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