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Start Your Own Holiday Traditions
A friend of mine was concerned about the upcoming holiday season. Recently married to a man with two young children, she and her husband were at a loss as what to do about traditions.

Going to be Alone for the Holidays? Plan a Vacation!
Holidays should be like commercials. They abound with happy people. From loving couples holding hands while walking in the snow to smiling families all gathered around a dinner table or seated in f...

Helping Your Teen Deal with the Dreaded SATs
January is the time of year when most high school students seriously consider taking the dreaded battery of tests known as the SATs. Many colleges use a student’s SAT scores as a crucial factor in...

What’s the Ideal Body?
Do you like your body or are you forever trying to undue what nature gave you in your pursuit of the “perfect form?” Society and culture put a great deal of pressure on women to fit an abnormal ide...

VIDEO: Britney’s Family Feuds with Dr. Phil
This is another example of a trust being betrayed.

Are You Married But Single-Parenting?
Many married women seem to be living a double life of sorts. Despite the fact that they are one of two parents in a household, they have taken on the responsibility of single-parenting. They’re the...

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Now this is weird!
Thank you for elaborating. Yes. I think you would have to come up with a custom page to satisfy t ...
Uploading a family Tree
Please email us the gedcom file and we can see what we can do about supporting that version. Ther ...
Adding a Picture/File doesn't always work
Ok. Great. Thank you for letting us know.
Veiwers of posts.
We have viewers in the photo section, but not other sections. Thank you for the suggestion. We wi ...
Suggestion about adding Borders
Ok. Thank you for your suggestion. Support will review the email and we will try to push it into ...
Question on links
They are still showing up when I click on the links (the ones you place at top or side). That is ...
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