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Options For Schooling The Disabled Child
Parents with disabled children want to do the best thing for their children. Deciding on how to school your disabled child can be one of the most difficult decisions a parent has to make. If your...

Discussing Death With Your Children
Discussing death with your children can be a difficult subject, especially if you are having trouble accepting the death of someone you love. It is important, however, to help children understand ...

Supporting Your Childís Dream While Maintaining Your ...
Sometimes itís hard for parents to understand the things that make their children tick. Whether itís dancing, writing, painting, running, archery, etc., we often become infatuated with something in...

The Consequences of Extracurricular Anxiety
Hello, my name is Sara Richmond Walls and I have anxiety disorder. Now that I am in a point where structure allows me to relax, I often ask myself how I got this way in the first place. My mind goe...

Speech Defects And Children
Speech defects often run in families due to genetic links. While some speech delays may be normal due to the age of the child, many delays are not. In fact, a defective speech pattern may be indi...

Out of the Mouths of Babes
Children often say the most amazing things in their unbridled innocence. Their thoughts, expressed verbally, tug at our emotions and cause us to smile. Sometimes the thoughts are sad and yet we s...

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I want to make sure that it is very important to see whether or not his is something that is goin ...
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