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Your family style
We often say that we can’t stand men (husbands and not only them), that we lost our trust in them long ago. “Boor, egoist, yap, cad” – such way we lash our “ex” and “present”. And no one (how natur...

Talking with Children about their Adoption
Most children have a natural need to reconstruct the story of their life and arrive at a clear picture of it. This is often how the “birds and the bees” discussion is initiated – sometimes to the c...

TV Tips For Your Family
It’s hard to deny it, television is pretty enjoyable. Sometimes it gets so enjoyable that we watch too much, taking time away from outdoor activities, family togetherness, even important things lik...

Financial Survival for Single Parents
Raising children in today's world is expensive. Even the most basic needs are very costly. Factor in the fact that throughout the years there will be many items that children want and you could f...

Help Your Child to Learn Vocabulary Words
If your child has difficulty learning vocabulary words there are ways that you can make it fun for them. Instead of going over the list of words in a mechanical, repetitive fashion try making a gam...

What Can a Child Do to Make Things Right Again?
When children are given a consequence for their behavior – for example, if they’re sent to their room for being overly rambunctious – this could possibly deter them from acting out the next time (o...

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She Won’t Leave Him Alone! Coping With the Ex-Wife
My partner of 6 years has an ex wife no children but she constantly gets in touch with him sends ...
Search Feature Doesn't bring up all names
Thank you. I hope it can be improved. Now we will have to make separate posts to make sure the na ...
Payment for another year
ORIGINAL: GAL Will my payment for another year be automatically billed to my credit card or ...
My Appointed And Anointed Mother In The Gospel Spoke A Kingdom Confirmation Word Over And In My L ...
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